For visitors

Q. Do I need to make a reservation to attend the book fair?
A. Reservation is not required. Please feel free to visit us!
Q. Is there an entrance fee?
A. No, it is free!
Q. Is the event for children or adults?
A. We welcome anyone regardless of age.

For developers

Q. Do we need to personally attend the digital book fair for preparation?
A. No, you don’t have to attend or prepare for the book fair, unless you’d like to!
Q. How would you introduce our apps at the book fair?
A. We will download your apps on our tablets and will conduct a hands-on exhibition so that children and parents can experience your apps at the fair. We will simultaneously introduce your apps on our website.
Q. How many applications are we allowed to apply?
A. There is no limitation but please complete the form for each app.
Q. What kinds of devices will you use at the fair?
A. We will prepare iPads (iOS9~) and Andriod tablets (OS5.1.1). If other devices are required, please inform the committee.
Q. Do we need to prepare our applications in Japanese?
A. No, we are welcome to introduce applications in your original language! (But of course we appreciate Japanese version as well!)


Q. Is the event held at a university campus?
A. Yes.you could check below for the direction to the venue.
Access Map
Q. Is there a parking space for cars and bicycles?
A. No. Please use public transportation or a civic parking lot.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!
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