“Shiritori Ehon” Workshop @ Area Benesse Aoyama

Date: 2015/11/8(Sun), 11/15(Sun)
Place: Area Benesse Aoyama


Draw pictures, take photos with a tablet, and make your own original “Shiritori” picture book!”!!

Along with “Expanding the world with Digital Ehon Exhibition” (デジタルえほんで広がるせかい展), workshops were held every Sunday at Area Benesse Aoyama, using two digital children’s book apps “tap*rap Shiritori” and “tap*rap Photo Shiritori”.


Shiritori (しりとり) is a very popular word game in Japan, in which players take turns to say words, each of which begins with the final letter of the previous player’s word. The first letter of the word must be the same as the last letter of the previous player’s word.


Red => Dog => Green => Nose

Children came up with their own Shiritori word chain, drew the words on a piece of paper, took photos using a tablet and made their own Shiritori picture book using “tap*rap Photo Shiritori” with their parents.
At the end of the workshop, children’s Shiritori picture books were projected on the big screen.




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