Digital Ehon Exhibtion @ Area Benesse Aoyama

Exhibition: Expanding the World with Digital Ehon
Date: 2015/11/8 (Sun) ~ 11/15 (Sun)
Place: Area Benesse Aoyama (Tokyo, Aoyama)


Children’s wonderful encounter with digital children’s books

24 Digital Ehons were carefully selected from around the world, and exhibited at Japan’s very prestigious company, Benesse corp’s facility “Area Benesse Aoyama” commemorating its first anniversary!


At the hands on exhibition and workshop, many parents and children enjoyed the world of Digital Ehon, sharing their thoughts with one another.


Digital Children’s Book Fair, in collaboration with “Digital Ehon Award” and “Digital Ehon Inc.” supported the holding of “Expanding the World with Digital Ehon Exhibition”.

>> Workshop Report of Expanding the World with Digital Ehon at Area Benesse Aoyama


What is “Expanding the World with Digital Ehon Exhibition”?


Over the last decades, we have seen the most fundamental, rapid and dramatic changes in our society, triggered by the development of digital technology. Children living in the 21st century will need different attributes to lead the digital future, because the future will be different, just as it is different today from even a decade ago. Children are expected to generate new values using new forms of communication and self-expressive means. We believe that Digital Ehon (Digital Children’s Books) is one of the exciting tools that will trigger children’s imagination and creativity.

Through “Expanding the World with Digital Ehon Exhibition” and the workshops that we organize, we wish to deliver exciting opportunities for children to experience all the wonderful digital children’s books created around the world.


Photo Report

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