Related Projects

Digital Children’s Book FairDigital Children’s Book Fair

The world’s leading international digital children’s book fair, where children, parents, programmers, publishers, and creators meet and experience the innovative and creative world of "Digital Ehon".

Digital Ehon AwardDigital Ehon Award

Digital children’s book award aimed to cultivate innovative digital productions organized in partnership with Digital Children’s Book Fair. Each year, we celebrate and award the world’s most exciting digital productions.



Traveling exhibition of Digital Children's Book Fair and other digital ehon related exhibitions held in various places in Japan! We may visit your home town next time!?


Digital app storytelling workshops, digital ehon making workshops, and various workshops that combine digital and analogue are held throughout the year.


Collaboration with the world's digital children's book creators. To deliver the finest apps to the children in Japan, Digital Ehon Inc. will translate and produce your books into Japanese.


Talk events are open to any people, with parents with digital native kids, and for people who are interested in children's digital expression. By discussing and exchanging ideas, we aim to further deepen our understanding of children's digital expression.

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